givichy012. 14/04/2014.
Keys EP

First EP from Igans. First Pop-Rock release from our label.

givichy011. 13/09/2012.
Vanessa Tesla
Vplasty LP

Fourth album from Vanessa Tesla. Future beats, piano, asian stuffs, strange atmosphere, electronica, massive bass sounds, hip/trip hop 3.0... she's back.

givichy010. 30/12/2013.
Symbiotic Part One

The ultimate come back. Symbiotic P1 is the third album from Givichy. The style is totally different from the previous releases. Future Pop, IDM, crazy vocal guests : a kind of dark hip pop vibe. Unique.

givichy009. 15/12/2008.
Vanessa Tesla

The third effort from Vanessa Tesla. This opus is more electronic than the previous one with more poppy influences. 

givichy008. 01/10/2008.

SamForce presents : Sales & Marketing Compilation


SAMFORCE anticipates the growing needs for young, highly educated specialists in the market. We work closely together with ambitious and inquisitive young talent to increase your business. We strongly support the philosophy that only a strong theoretical background intensely complements a thorough combination of talent and experience.Sales & Marketing is the official soundtrack to improve your biz.

Free Download : http://www.thay.be/Sales_Marketing/Sales_&_Marketing_Compil.rar%20



Artists : Nico2Methyl, Mik, Marcel Sel, Xena Supermoog, Fractional, Pilami, Aphone, Janski Beats, Jere, Vanpet, Iganschar, Givichy, Davias, LeBelgeElectrod (LBE, Ganja White Night), Babykruger (feat. Antipop consortium)

givichy007. 15/12/2007.


Mash Down


The classic album is available on soundcloud. The "Championship Edition" is available on itunes/spotify/deezer. 
Mash Down is the stuff. A real classic album. Historic.