Igans - Keys EP

Igans - Keys EP

Igans (born 27 May 1980) is a Belgian singer-sonwgriter, born in Boussu.

He started playing guitar when he got sick (bronchopneumonia) at 10 years old.

After graduation, He moves to California for a while where he takes some musical

theory courses and learnes piano's basics.

He grew up influenced by many bands of many genres (from Cobain to Aphex Twin).

His First EP (Keys) has been released and give a nice overview of his world.

Writing, arrangement, Guitars, Piano and vocals: Igans

Drums: Sylvio Iascoo, Igans

Sound engineering : Samuel Hamache, Julien Dispaux, David Fierro, Igans.

Artwork : Igans
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    1. Y-Scar
    2. Home
    3. Little Story
    4. Keys
    5. Ugly
    6. A Song To Exist